Facebook Ads Accelerator – How It Works?

1. Monthly Subscription

This is a pay-as-you-need, subscription program. There’s no commitment, you can cancel anytime.

Scenario 1:

Jack wishes to learn 1 specific course. He joins for only 1 month and cancel subscription once done.

Scenario 2:

Alice wishes to continue learning so she stays subscribed for 6 months now and she enjoys new courses every month.

2. Full Access

You get full access to all the available courses upon signing up. We don’t drip the content, however we add news lessons every month as we progressively create new content.

Current content library: 10 courses, 16+ hours of recorded videos, 210+ lessons and growing.

We will share with you the upcoming courses as and when we start working on them. View all courses here.

3. Personalized Learning Plan

You’ll be guided by Jason to tailor the best learning experience according to your needs.

1-to-1 onboarding call upon sign up to identify the learning needs where Jason will point you the right courses to enrol in sequence.

4. Lifetime Discount

The price you sign up for the program is the price you’ll be paying for every month, as long as you stay subscribed.

Scenario 1:

Jack signed up a year ago at a discounted price. Over time as we increase the fee as we grow our content, Jack gets to enjoy the Lifetime Discount as long as he doesn’t stop his subscription.

Scenario 1:

Alice signed up at 30% discount, however she decided to stop subscribing on the third month. 6 months later she found some new courses she needs, she will have to subscribe again at the price offered at the time.

5. Facebook Group Support

All your questions will be answered by Jason and team in the closed Facebook group.

6. 100% Risk Free

7 day 100% money back if you don’t find the courses useful, no question asked. You can cancel subscription anytime with 2 simple clicks, no contract, no commitment.

7. Subscription of Course

You are only entitled to access all these courses with FAA subscription. But you can also purchase other courses through our special offer without needed to subscribe to FAA.

Do check out our page tribeupacademy.com for more information about other courses available.

Current available
Facebook ads for Shopee

Get Full Access at USD397/year

Money back guaranteed. Cancel anytime.