Facebook Ads Accelerator 1-to-1 Guided Learning Program

1-to-1 Guided Learning by Jason

1-to-1 Facebook Ads Guided Learning Program is an exclusive, customized learning program tailored according to your needs to help you jumpstart your Facebook ads journey.

This is a learn-by-doing program. Alongside with Jason you’ll be guided on planning, implementing and optimizing your Facebook ads campaigns.

Step 1: Plan

You’ll be guided on the best strategy, audience targeting, ads creative combination and more to prepare before start, specifically for your business model.

Step 2: Implement

Step-by-step walkthrough on Business Manager and Ads Manager to setup and implement the planned strategy with 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

Step 3: Optimize

Continuous optimization based on campaign data for growth. You’ll learn how to analyze campaign effectives, reading metrics and more to make sound decisions.

100% Personalized Learning Experience

This program is perfect for beginners to even seasoned Facebook advertisers.

You’ll benefit from Jason’s vast experience in managing 200+ brands since 2010, on how to kickstart your business online with Facebook ads correctly, to optimize your existing campaigns to increase ROI.

How it works?

  • 1-month program
  • 4 sessions of 1-to-1 teaching via Zoom or meeting for up to 90 minute (worth RM2,400)
  • Up to 2 persons allowed
  • Unlimited WhatsApp and email support (worth RM800)
  • Full access to Facebook Ads Accelerator for 3 months (worth RM720)

1-to-1 Facebook Ads Guided Learning Program is for up to 2 persons. If you wish to have a customized learning program for larger group, contact us.

Limited to 5 spots

As the program requires full attention to ensure the learning outcome, we can only take up to 5 clients every month.

Register your interest, and we will be in touch soon.